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Port of Koper: Gateway to Asia
30. 11. 2021

The Port of Koper in Slovenia assists cargo with dealing while heading to Asia. RCG offers around 15 potential associations and mixes of TransFER associations with and from Koper. In volume terms, Koper is the third most significant port on the planet for us.

In spite of the fact that it is only 64 years youthful, the Port of Koper as of now stands side by side with since a long time ago settled harbors on the Adriatic. It was constructed when Slovenia was important for the previous Yugoslavia, to contend with Trieste, which lies only under 30 kilometers toward the North. It is spread north of 280 hectares, with around 395,000 m2 of shut stockrooms, 47,000 m2 of covered stockpiling and 110 hectares of outdoors stockpiling. It has space for up to 203,000 m3 of mass freight. The port additionally has 38 km of stages and 3,300 m of quays.

Interests in track advancement
The Port of Koper offers superb admittance to the railroad organization: around 60 % of freight is shipped onwards by cargo train. Building a subsequent stage ought to reinforce the port’s connects to the more extensive EU railroad network considerably further. This should ease bottlenecks on what is an extremely bustling course and make shipping products by rail even more proficient and serious.

Direct TransFER to Koper
For a long time, there has been a quick rail transport association for compartment cargo and for merchandise, for example, coal, iron mineral, phosphates and fuel that runs between the Port of Koper and dissemination focuses in Austria. An aggregate of 945,051 holders were shipped to and from Koper in 2020, conveying just about 20 million tons of cargo.

In that year, the ÖBB Rail 81,000 compartment loads in Koper. Our TransFER administration finishes five trips there and back among Koper and Villach consistently, for instance. Considering that we likewise have recieving wire associations with terminals in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg and Wolfurt (all in Austria), the port is firmly associated with the entire of Central and Southeastern Europe.

Also, we offer other high-recurrence network associations from Koper to Bratislava and Budapest – remembering radio wire associations with terminals for the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. What’s more what is more: our on location group deals with the whole port coordinated factors with every supporting help.



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