Video game heroes are a thing of the past. Gamers have a dark side. More games are catching on. Many gamers enjoy slaughtering armies of indigenous people or hiking taxes to the point that they can’t keep up. See 30 games where you can be the bad guy. While we look at them, pat your horrible pet.
Your pathogen had already reached “Patient Zero” by then. Now you must end history by creating a global plague and adapting to every human defence mechanism. You’re a germ!
Jackie Estacado goes on murdering sprees as long as he controls the Darkness inside. An explosion forces him to surrender to the Darkness.

This is how Bowser describes Mario and Luigi.

Things go awry as soon as ‘Fawful’ takes over the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser unintentionally swallows Mario and the gang, so Mario must save the world Play Live
<h3>MIA 2 has VITO SCALETTA.</h3>
Vito Scaletta is the hero of Mafia II. He became a member of the Falcone Crime Family. He aspires to be the world’s biggest and baddest wise person.
Why does the Princess keep running when you’ve chased her the whole game? Braid’s ending makes it apparent. Tim turns revealed to be the bad Monster that the Princess is trapping. Shocked.
Only The Overlord can command armies of gremlin-like “minions.” You are The Overlord in Overlord. The player must defeat a set of seven corrupt monarchs by being bad.
<h3>KRATOS is a war deity.</h3>
Soon after becoming a God, he plots to conquer Greece. His opponents fail to stop him. How it works: Finally, he joins the Titans’ war against the Gods. To be honest, the gods had it coming, but you desire vengeance.

So says the president of Tropico.

Tropico’s player controls “El Presidente,” the Caribbean’s monarch. The game is set in the 1950s to 1980s and the player is “El Presidente.” The game mocks non-democratic banana republics, but it also discusses dictatorship, election fraud, and corporate dominance.
In the game, the player is an ex-MI6 agent hired by Auric Goldfinger to kill Dr. No. GoldenEye is situated in the universe of James Bond, but the agent has a golden “cybernetic” eye.

In order to get his hands on a castle, Wario is willing to take it from the Syrup Pirates, blow up anything in his way, and use a money-grabbing genie.
<h3>WARIO LAND 2</h3>
You are M. BISON in this game.

This megalomaniac is in command of Mriganka, a fictional kingdom in the far east. He rules with an iron fist. His ultimate goal is to control the world’s governments through Shadaloo. To play as Bison in Street Fighter, you must defeat all of your enemies.
Despite recent attempts to distort and conflict the storey, you play a competent auto thief who wants to steal cars to make money. Bad.
<h3>SAVINGS ROW</h3>
The Saints Row games are tainted with evil. You may be a 3rd Street Saint as a kid. People do awful things in the game, and the mayor and police chief die. Then you’re blown up on a fancy yacht, yet you survive.

Rained a lot

Without giving away the finale, you play as a variety of suspects in the “Origami Killer” case. You start to blackout and acquire critical information from flashbacks as you play. This explains your actions.
Shooter has two groups: the ISA and the Helgast. Look like space Nazis and are merciless in battle. They may appear bad, but they aren’t! The Helghast first lived on Helghan and Vekta, hence their names. Destroy the ISA. They attacked Helghan and Vekta because they disagreed with the Helghast on a trade tax. When the ISA deployed chemical weapons on them, they had to wear gas masks all the time.

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