Habar Bandi is alluded to as the commitment in Balochi language

Habar Bandi

. Habar converts into choice, while bandi converts into association. This period is vital piece of Baloch wedding, as lawful commitments are fixed.


Bijjar ( بجر ) is alluded to as participation in Balochi language. In fact, this is the getting of commitments, whereby the lucky man (saloonk) or his relatives get monetary assistance from local area individuals (basically family members and companions) to easily play out the wedding and introductory months of the recently marries. Bijjar

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typically came as cows or yields however these days is chiefly cash, which is reimbursed back at weddings of family members and companions sometime in the not too distant future.


Lotokhi is alluded to as greeting in Balochi language. Ladies from the two families are given this errand to review a rundown of every one of those welcomed. Afterward, this rundown is utilized to note down the gifts that were given by every invitee. Afterward, the obligation is reimbursed at future weddings or occasions.

Jol Bandi

Jol Bandi (جول بینڈی) is a Baloch wedding service which denotes the start of the wedding function. It is regularly held at the ladies home, and is comparative in idea to Rasm-e-Heena. “Jol” converts into enormous very much brightened material, while “bandi” for this situation intends to integrate. During this service, the lady of the hour is covered with the brightened material, typically planted by the lucky man’s family.

Dozokhi and Henna Bandi

Dozokhi and Heena Bandi is a Baloch wedding service whereby heena is applied onto the ladies hands. It isn’t unexpected the most enthusiastic piece of the wedding, whereby loved ones put cash in a plate over the top of the lady, called Leth. As evening draws near, the mahfil and khorag happens.

Mahfil and Khorag

Mahfil is alluded to as social occasion in Baloch language, while Khorag is alluded to as food. During the social occasion, the conventional Baloch dance called Chaap is performed by the men.


Jannh is a Baloch wedding service facilitated by the group of the groom.[13]


Same practices as indicated previously.


Mobaraki (مبارکی) is a post-wedding dinner normal in Baloch wedding and is facilitated by the group of the lady of the hour. The whole lucky man’s family, companions and family members are welcomed alongside family members and companions of the lady of the hour’s family.


Same practices as indicated previously.

Pashtun weddings


Attan ( اتڼ ) is a Pashtun dance generally performed toward the finish of the wedding services. Generally nonetheless, the dance was performed twice – once toward the start of the wedding and once toward the end.

Potohari/Pahari wedding

Awful Phera

Like Maklava custom in Punjabi weddings.


Sammi is a society dance generally acted in Potohar district of upper Punjab and Hazara locale of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during weddings.

Punjabi wedding


Dholki ( ڈھولکی ) is a service that takes its name from the percussion instrument Dholki and is included intensely during wedding festivities in Punjab. Generally, numerous days or even a long time before the genuine wedding day, ladies will accumulate in the place of the lady of the hour around evening time to sing and move while joined by other percussion instruments..


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