Agile proposes to segregate the development

There was a research in 2015 from the Standish Group with interesting results: Agile method produces a higher success rate than Waterfall methodology. That’s why Waterfall is gaining the reputation of the traditional and old-fashioned way of thinking. sdlc vs rad methodology

Statistics about traditional Waterfall approach and Agile, GanttPRO Blog
Agile development vs Waterfall: the side-by-side comparison of the models
In Waterfall model software development, the process is divided into different phases. lifecycle into sprints.
In Waterfall, development process should be implemented as one single project. Then this project is divided into phases. Agile contains a set of different projects that are the iterations of the different stages. They are focused on improving the quality and feedbacks from users.Waterfall versus Agile in GanttPRO review
Waterfall software development model is structured and often rigid. Often project managers prefer Agile as a more flexible model.
According to the iterative Waterfall model in software engineering, all the project phases are completed at a time. In Agile they follow an iterative development approach. So some of the phases can appear more than once.
There is no chance to change the requirements once the Waterfall project development starts. Agile is more flexible and allows changes in the project development requirements. Even after the planning has been completed.
One more difference between Waterfall and Agile is their individual approach towards testing and quality. According to Agile, testing is usually performed concurrently with programming. In Waterfall, testing phase comes after the build phase.
Waterfall approach does not require the participation of customers, as it is an internal process. However, Agile methodology focuses on clients satisfaction and involves them to participate throughout the development phase.
Waterfall iterative model is good for projects with clearly defined requirements and without expected changes. Agile allows changing and evolving the requirements.
How to choose between Agile and Waterfall all in GanttPRO Blog
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How to use Gantt Charts in choosing between Waterfall and Agile?
Project managers say that it’s better to visualize every project’s stage. A Gantt chart is the most convenient way to do it.

GanttPRO solutions offer to use helpful Gantt charts that can visualize every project and help to choose between Agile and Waterfall methodologies for your project. You can try to apply the charts for any project, not only for software development.

Agile vs Waterfall and GanttPRO Diagrams
Once you’ve decided which method to utilize, you can further refine the process to best fit your project objectives.

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